Mar 26 2023

“Follow These 3 Rules To Have a Successful Life!” – Lou Holtz

This blog post is based on Lou Holtz's speech about "Three Rules For Living a Good Life After Graduation" and reflects the principles he shared in a commencement address at Franciscan University Steubenville. Rule #1 - Do right. Just do the right thing. Rule #2 - Do everything to the best of your ability within …...

Steve Jobs On Technology In Search Of A Customer

Mar 26 2023 Published at New Trader U under tags  business innovation steve jobs technology

The problem with businesses in the tech sector is that they create new technologies and then look for customers to sell the latest products to. Steve Jobs said this was backward and always strived to give customers what they wanted and react to their needs and wants. In the article, we will look at Steve …...

How To Stop Wasting Your Life

UPDATE:Join the DRVN30! A free 30-day challenge to help you live life to the fullest:

Why You Can’t Find Your Passion and What To Do About It

You can’t find your passion because you’re currently believing certain lies that you’ve been told. I could’ve saved years of my life if I understood what I’l...

Bitcoin at June 2021 Low

Market Overview: Bitcoin Futures Bitcoin at June 2021 low. This week, the price increased by +2.86% of its value. There were trapped bulls at the June 2021 low who finally got their opportunity to exit their trade. A bear leg should follow. Bitcoin futures The Weekly chart of Bitcoin futures...

Crude Oil Failed Bear Breakout

Market Overview: Crude Oil Futures The Crude oil futures traded slightly lower but had no follow-through selling on the weekly chart, a Crude Oil failed bear breakout. The bears hope that the move is simply a breakout test of the 16-week trading range low (breakout point) and wants at least a small second leg sideways to down retesting March 20 low. The bulls...

Emini Weak Bull Follow-through

Market Overview: S&P 500 Emini Futures The S&P 500 Emini futures weekly candlestick was a weak bull follow-through bar. The Emini is in a smaller 22-week trading range around 3750 and 4200. The market is currently trading around the middle of this range. Poor follow-through and reversals are hallmarks of a trading range. Traders will BLSH (Buy Low, Sell High) until there is...

EURUSD Weak Breakout from OO

Market Overview: EURUSD Forex The EURUSD Forex weekly candlestick was a EURUSD weak breakout from an OO (outside-outside) pattern. The bulls will need to create follow-through buying to increase the odds of a retest of the February high. The bears want a failed breakout above the OO pattern and a breakout below instead. They want a reversal down from a lower high major...

Mar 25 2023

Obtuse: The Fed & Treasury View Of Banking Issues Forbes – Markets

Mar 25 2023 Published at Traders News Source under tags  all news

Despite ongoing silent runs on the Regional and Community Banks, it appears that both Fed Chair Powell and Treasury Secretary Yellen view the events of the recent past (SVB, Signature Bank, First Republic, Credit Suisse, and now Deutsche Bank) as one-off events. Read...

Return to day trading—a new series of blog posts

I’ve been doing some exciting and challenging work recently, and want to share some of it with you. A quick biographical sketch, for those of you who don’t know me: I’ve been trading full time more or less continuously since the late 1990s. I found my first successes as a day trader, first in the currency futures in the late 1990s and then...

Markets Unlocked 3/27/23: Dueling timeframes and influences

Mar 25 2023 Published at The Blog of Adam H Grimes under tags  general comments

One of the critical questions traders must answer is how to reconcile conflicting information. If we are seeing markets clearly, there are always factors and arguments to be made for both directions. In the current market, we've seen enough selling pressure in recent weeks to break key support in indexes and to tilt the near-term probabilities to the downside. (See chart of the...

Thoughts on Gold Breaking $2000

Mar 25 2023 Published at Technical Traders Ltd. under tags  etf investing

Gold may still drop to $1400-$1500 in the next 6-12 months, this clip only covers what to look for with gold if it breaks out. The next clip Ill post covers ...

Coinbase: From Hot IPO To Cold Wells Notice Forbes – Markets

Mar 25 2023 Published at Traders News Source under tags  all news

When the stock was issued at a price of $250 — which got filled by no investor — an immediate at-the-open rally took it up to $381 within minutes and then to a quick blast up to $424, a peak never to be seen again. Read More

PRICE ACTION KING: BEST “Price Action” Lesson I’ve Seen In 10 Years

Trading Nut video podcast In this trader video podcast, Cam Hawkins from Trading Nut (formally 52 Traders) interviews Al Brooks for the BEST price action lesson he has had in 10 years! Al Brooks, the absolute Price Action King when it comes to price action trading. Enjoy! Video podcast topics Trading Nut's 2016 audio […]

Make Your Own Bank Run On These Blue-Chip Yields Forbes – Markets

Mar 25 2023 Published at Traders News Source under tags  all news

Is it time for us contrarians to “buy the dip” in bank stocks? Read More

Nifty 50 Big Round Number

Market Overview: Nifty 50 Futures Nifty 50 big round number acting like a support for the price. Nifty 50 on the weekly is still inside the bear channel and present bear leg is the 3rd bear leg in this bear channel. In this week's trading, the market formed a tiny bear bar with tails above and below the candle. The...

Nasdaq 100 First Consecutive Weekly Close above Monthly EMA since 2021

Market Overview: NASDAQ 100 Emini Futures The NASDAQ Emini futures market had a bull follow-through bar to last week and first consecutive weekly close above the monthly exponential moving average (EMA). This is the first time since 2021 that there are two consecutive weekly bull close above monthly EMA. The market went above...

DAX 40 Bull Doji Closing above 20-Week MA

Market Overview: DAX 40 Futures DAX futures moved sideways last week with a bull doji closing above the 20-Week MA. The bears have been unable to get follow-through for many months and have been scalping out at the MA. This leg has the best chance of a small leg sideways to down. But the best the bears can get here is probably a...

FTSE 100 50 Percent Pullback at 100-Week MA

Market Overview: FTSE 100 Futures The FTSE futures market reached a 50 percent pullback last week after two big sell climax weeks. We went sideways with buyers below at the 100-Week MA and sellers up at the 20-week MA. Its not a great buy nor sell signal - but probably better to be short than long right now expecting a small second leg...

2 Tech Stocks For The Long-Term

High-growth tech stocks have had to bear the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes since last year. Amid concerns of a recession, most tech stocks have suffered a correction in their share prices due to fears of softening demand. However, with continued digital transformation and the growing interest in AI, the tech industry […]

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