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Apr 20 2021

Timing In The Stock Market

Apr 20 2021 Published at Master the Market Blog

Timing in the stock market is one of the most important aspects of successful trading and investing. You can be correct about the overall direction of a stock by saying "$XYZ will be at least 10% higher a year from now" but if it falls 20% before making that move higher, you will still most likely take a loss on that investment (assuming...

Mar 06 2021

The Reality of Day Trading Stocks In 2021

Mar 06 2021 Published at Master the Market Blog

2021 has been off to a wild start in the stock market! There's price movement like never before with countless massive runners and massive trading opportunities on a daily basis. Essentially... everything has been going up with some serious momentum since the market found its bottom nearly a year ago at the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown. See exhibit A & B below...

Jan 17 2021

Biggest Stock Market Lessons of 2020

Jan 17 2021 Published at Master the Market Blog

2020 has been a wild year in both everyday life and the stock market! We've seen the entire market crash and then recover to new all-time highs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've seen entire sectors of the market (healthcare/vaccination, electric vehicle, energy, marijuana, etc.) go completely parabolic, and we've seen some serious pump and dumps of 200%, 500%, and even...

Dec 20 2020

Successful vs. Failing Day Trader Habits

Dec 20 2020 Published at Master the Market Blog

Statistically, it is pretty widely known that anywhere from 90% to 95% of day traders end up failing and giving up before ever achieving consistent profitability. Believe it or not, there's usually nothing special about the 5% to 10% that are able to beat the odds. They're usually not some kind of genius or advanced mathematician... they just tend to learn from their...

Nov 22 2020

10 Day Trading Rules To Live By

Nov 22 2020 Published at Master the Market Blog

Successful day trading comes with a long list of rules and disciplines. It can be overwhelming for new traders and can lead to the "winging it" mentality or just following alerts from other traders instead of ever actually learning how to trade themselves. To help some new traders avoid from doing this, I put together this list of 10 day trading rules beginners...

Oct 08 2020

Intro To Short-Selling Penny Stocks

Oct 08 2020 Published at Master the Market Blog

Short-selling can be a lucrative way to profit from the general weakness of the penny stock market. At the same time, it comes with some significant risks, especially for inexperienced traders. In this post I'm going to breakdown what exactly short-selling is, how it works, some of the risks of short-selling penny stocks, and even give some insight into common short- selling strategies! I...

Sep 13 2020

4 Best Chart Patterns for Day Trading Stocks

Sep 13 2020 Published at Master the Market Blog

Understanding chart patterns and formations is really the foundation for more advanced technical analysis and trading strategy. However, some chart patterns are more valuable and consistent then others, so I decided to put together this list of what I personally believe to be the 4 best chart patterns for day trading! Before getting into the chart patterns, it's important to understand a bit...

Aug 16 2020

Gap and Go Trading Strategy Guide

Aug 16 2020 Published at Master the Market Blog

Gap trading is one of the most poplar ways to day trade because there are countless different gap trading strategies and gaps offer great trading opportunities every day! One of the most popular ways to trade gaps is to look for and buy into what is known as a gap and go. Rather learn by watching than reading? Check out my Gap &...

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