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Mar 02 2023

The Influence of Current Economic Reports

As we hit the halfway mark between FOMC meetings, economic reports such as International Trade in Goods, domestic retail inventories, and domestic wholesale inventories can influence market participants’ outlook as to what the Fed will do next. We discuss the data's possible impact on the course of the US Dollar, Treasury Yields and ultimately Federal […] The post...

Feb 25 2023

Technical Trends for the Week of February 27th – March 3rd

As you prepare for the last week of February 2023 and start of March, see what our analysts have to say about the futures markets with visual representation of the market trends via Bollinger bands. They also cover what to focus on for upcoming economic and company reports. E-Mini Dow Jones Futures Daily Chart March […] The post Technical Trends for the Week...

Feb 23 2023

How to Identify Harmonic Levels and Rotation Zones

Learn about the importance of Harmonic Levels when analyzing potential price turning points in the futures markets. We also discuss proprietary technical analysis techniques in identifying and interpreting Rotation Zones through a series of moving averages. Applying Math and Analytical Skills to Trading Mike Arnold, Chief Strategy Officer at Path Trading Partners, harnessed his mathematical […] The post...

Feb 17 2023

Technical Trends for the Week of February 20th – February 24th

This week, our analysts review technical trends for the week ahead for Micro NASDAQ 100 futures, the 30-year treasury bond futures, micro bitcoin futures and RBOB gasoline futures. They also expand on company earnings and economic reports for the coming week. Micro NASDAQ 100 Futures Daily Chart The Micro NASDAQ 100 futures attempted to test […] The post...

Key Economic Releases and How They May Impact Inflation

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) Year over Year came in higher than expected on February 14, 2023, followed by Retail Sales, Empire State Manufacturing and Housing Market reports on the 15th that came in with better than forecast numbers. Do these findings point to the possibility that the Federal Reserve has a bit more work […] The post Key...

Feb 15 2023

How the Options Market Can Drive Trading and Prices In Major Stock Index Futures

One of the key elements that drives major market index futures prices is trading and hedging in the index options markets. As large traders and market makers place new speculative positions or hedge against existing positions using the options markets, they can often move futures prices in real-time. Traders need specialized tools to better track […] The post...

Feb 10 2023

Futures Outlook: Technical Trends for the week of February 13th – February 17th

Our analysts reviewed the markets and are forecasting possible bullish moves across various futures. Read more below. E-Mini S&P 500 Futures Daily Chart The E-mini S&P 500 futures shows early signs of breaking out of a bear trend that dominated in 2022. The lower swing highs and swing lows of 2022 have been replaced by […] The post Futures Outlook:...

Feb 09 2023

Analyzing the Jobs Market and Employment Situation Report

The Employment Situation report published on February 3, 2023 moved markets with an unusually big beat, with 517,000 jobs created in January alone. With such an impressive start to the year, you may be asking yourself, “How does the employment situation report affect the financial market? How does this jobs report line up with a […] The post...

Feb 03 2023

Futures Outlook: Technical Trends for the Week of February 6 – February 10

This week we review how the results of last week’s price actions and trends that began at the beginning of the year are shaking out. Read more. E-Mini Russell 2000 Futures Weekly Chart The E-mini Russell followed through on the cross above the 52-Week Moving Average, reinforcing a bullish trend that began at the beginning […] The post Futures Outlook: Technical...

Feb 02 2023

Focus on Purchasing Managers Index and ISM as Economic Gauges

If you’ve asked yourself, “what is purchasing managers index?” or wondered how the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) and the Institute for Supply Management (ISM) index are key economic indicators, read more. What to Take Away from the PMI and ISM Reports The PMI and ISM provide guidance on factors affecting durable goods among other inputs. […] The post...

Feb 01 2023

How to Use Volume Profile and the Importance of Volume Profile Data

If you’re looking for ways to identify intra-day support and resistance levels to help find turning points in the market, one of the more effective ways to do so is with volume profile data. Volume profile is a charting technique that displays the total volume traded at every price level throughout the trading session. Read […] The post...

Jan 27 2023

Futures Outlook: Technical Trends for the Week of January 30 – February 3

Jan 27 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  market updates

While many anticipated reports will come out this week, we have several to focus on in the days ahead. Here’s a breakdown of the week ahead. E-Mini Dow Futures Weekly Chart After the fourth quarter rally off the lows in October, the Dow seems to be in consolidation mode. The Fibonacci retracement levels from that […] The post Futures Outlook: Technical Trends...

Jan 25 2023

Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies on the Move

Crypto currencies are off to a great start in the new year, with nano Bitcoin gapping upward in a strong bull trend. Boris Ilyevsky, Head of Coinbase Derivates Exchange, discusses why he thinks “Crypto winter” could be behind us, with respect to recent events surrounding non-regulated Crypto entities and highly anticipated regulatory frameworks from Capitol […] The post...

Jan 20 2023

Futures Outlook: Technical Trends for the Week of January 23 – January 27

With company’s reporting various earnings and as numerous economic reports are published, our industry experts analyze trends to help you glean what to focus on next week. Micro NASDAQ 100 Future Weekly Chart Last week’s candle shows a bit of indecision, as buyers rejected prices around 11300, but couldn’t advance past the previous week’s close, […] The post...

Jan 19 2023

Beginning of the Year Portfolio Rebalancing

A year ago, stock portfolios were significantly rebalanced, sparking a bear market in the Stock Index futures markets. The start of 2023 bears asking about the necessity of rebalancing; is the traditional 60/40 stocks-to-bonds ratio on its way out? How Portfolio Rebalancing May Affect Traders Futures trading experts dissect the current bond environment, and how […] The post...

Jan 13 2023

Futures Outlook: Technical Trends for the Week of January 16 – January 20, 2023

Jan 13 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  market updates

Our industry experts analyzed various charts and organized this summary of what traders may expect to see for the coming week. E-Mini S&P Weekly Chart Last week’s candle continues the bullish start to 2023, as the E-Mini S&P 500 future advances towards a confluence of resistance areas: the 38% Fibonacci retracement level at 4038, the […] The post Futures...

Holiday Reminder – Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2023

Jan 13 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  trade desk

Monday, January 16th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Trading times for many products will change in observance of this holiday. For details, please visit the CME Group Holiday Calendar. For up-to-date information on contract expirations, roll dates, news announcements and more, visit and bookmark the NinjaTrader Trade Desk Calendar! The post Holiday...

Jan 12 2023

The Monthly CPI Report is Here – What to Look For

Jan 12 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  market updates trading 101

Has inflation really peaked, and should we be bracing for stagflation? Another monthly CPI (Consumer Price Index) report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics published today, but is there more to the report than just the headline number? We break down some components of CPI and how they relate to the futures markets. How to […] The post The Monthly CPI Report is...

Jan 11 2023

Why Futures Prices Move Up and Down

Jan 11 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  trading 101

Traders often suffer from not knowing what they don’t know. Education, practice and working with a mentor can be a great way to identify the areas you, as a trader, need to focus on to improve results and long-term consistency. In this edition of Trader’s Workshop, Anthony Drager discusses how professional traders approach the futures […] The post Why Futures...

Jan 05 2023

Breaking Down the JOLTS Report

Jan 05 2023 Published at NinjaTrader Blog under tags  market updates

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) is more than just a headline number, which could explain the chop seen in the markets after release. This first labor-related report dropped the morning of January 4, 2023, causing interesting movements in stock index futures. How the JOLTS Report May Affect Trading As we prepare for […] The post Breaking Down the...

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