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Mar 17 2023

An age-old trading problem to solve

There is a trading problem traders sought to solve when I started trading. (We don’t have to mention when that was if that is okay with you). There is a trading problem new traders needed to solve when we started our firm in 2005. There is a trading problem some new traders on our desk need to solve today. In ... Read More...

Mar 13 2023

The Ultimate Trend Day Trading Course (For Beginners & Developing Traders)

Trend Days are one of the most liquid, scalable, and highest risk/reward opportunities in the market. You can build a career on these plays… and the sky's the limit! But why do so many of these days seem HUGE only in hindsight? How can you identify a Trend Day early enough...

Mar 10 2023

Timeless Advice for New Traders…Scalp!

My timeless trading advice for new traders is….scalp. Okay, let me explain why. What I heard too often During a recent team monthly trader meeting, I heard too often something that I wasn't crazy about. I was particularly not so thrilled hearing it from the younger traders. While I wasn't so thrilled, this did offer an opportunity to set expectations ... Read More...

Mar 08 2023

Options Tribe Webinar: An Online Community of 50 Options Traders

March 14, 2023 The Options Tribe Trading Team is an online mastermind group of 50 traders working together to share their knowledge of options trading with each other through frequent webinar presentations and daily online conversations and trade posting. It is now open enrollment season for the 2023-2024 Team year and we'd like to share what we've been up to over the last...

Mar 03 2023

5 Keys to Make More Money in Your Profitable Trades

Have you ever made a good trade and regretted you did not make more? And after giving this more thought you concluded that if you could just make more in your best trades you could do SO much better as a trader. And I mean a lot better. In fact, this one issue, might be the thing holding you back ... Read More...

Feb 28 2023

The Trading Secret to AVOID Getting Chopped Up (Death by 1,000 cuts)

Feb 28 2023 Published at SMB Training Blog under tags  general comments

Have you had the experience of ending up with a huge losing day by taking many small, small, small losses? If you have, then you've been chopped up by the market, and as I'm sure you know, it’s not pretty. It wears you down psychologically and financially....

Feb 24 2023

4 Simple Solutions So You Do Not Miss Your A+ Trades

Do you ever feel like if I you could just take my best trades, we say A+ trades, my results would be a lot better? I am talking a lot better. You are probably right. Let me share a recent anecdote about this from the desk and offer 4 simple solutions. A few traders on the desk had been missing ... Read More...

Feb 14 2023

Thank you Covid!

I got Covid for the first time this week. Many on the desk didn't miss their opportunity to tease me about being the last person on earth to get it. My son got it as well. That meant a trip to our house on the Jersey Shore to isolate from mom, his sister, and others. So it was just the ... Read More...

Feb 12 2023

The decisions you make about your trading business matter

The decisions you make about your trading business matter. To this point, I received the note below from a 7-figure trader on our desk. He was a 7-figure trader by his second year of trading. Not easy to do. Not often you see that. This is a very talented trader and person. Even for him his decisions about his trading ... Read More...

Feb 07 2023

The 5 Deadliest Mistakes Options Traders Make

 Are you making one or more of the 5 deadliest mistakes that options traders make, without knowing it? Any one of these mistakes can end up...

Feb 02 2023

Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight tunnel (Show Notes)

@TheOneLanceB zooms while interviewed by @Bthestory87 in the video: Millionaire Wall Street Trader Speeds in Dark Knight Tunnel. @TheOneLanceB focuses on the connection between sleep and trading performance to help you potentially grow your trading account. One viewer of the video commented: Thank you for these interviews! Lance drops so many gems, he is someone I look up to in ... Read More...

Jan 30 2023

What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? (Show Notes)

@TheOneLanceB joins @FuturesTrader71 and Anthony Crudele, Host of Futures Radio Show, for a deep discussion on a topic important to many new and developing traders and even experienced traders: What Contributes to Being a Consistent Trader? Below are the Show Notes from this discussion, compiled by SMB for the trading community. Here is what one viewer said about this video: ... Read More...

Jan 05 2023

Jan 03 2023

Role models are essential

Over the break my family and a friend and his two daughters visited Princeton to catch a women's basketball game…as a special gift to my daughter. I had never been to the campus. My wife hadn't been in years since playing a college away game there. The visit was a reward my daughter earned performing exceptionally well during her Christmas ... Read More...

Dec 26 2022

Learning from the rip in Tesla

This week we wrote about how we were hawking a Tesla Bounce Trade. See Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade. Friday we took that trade. And we took a rip. See Taking a Rip in Tesla. This weekend we challenged our traders to consider why the trade failed. See Why did we take a rip in Tesla? Look the rip ... Read...

Dec 25 2022

Why did we take a rip in Tesla?

Three days ago, I wrote that we were hawking a Tesla Bounce Trade. See Four keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade. Friday we took that trade. And we took a rip. See Taking a Rip in Tesla. Perhaps after review, we will conclude that the Tesla Bounce Trade was worth taking. But there is an important element of that review, ... Read More...

Dec 24 2022

Taking a Rip in Tesla

We shared that we have been hawking a potential Bounce Trade in Tesla. I spelled out Four Keys for a Tesla Bounce Trade. Some on the desk pounced on a Bounce Trade in Tesla after SEEING it. They took rips as the trade failed. Let's discuss an important reality to being a professional trader. Taking losses is part of the ... Read More...

Dec 06 2022

Wall Street’s Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse (Show Notes)

@BTheStory87 interviews Lance Breitstein, former back-to-back #1 trader at a tier one prop firm, in this MUST WATCH video. Below are the Show Notes of this interview- Wall Street's Top Trader Invites Me to His Penthouse. We hope this video gives you numerous ideas to improve and grow as a trader. Lance and “B The Trader” Interview Show Notes Key ... Read More...

Nov 14 2022

Trade Execution Rules (the secrets of order types)

Nov 14 2022 Published at SMB Training Blog under tags  free daily trading video

Have you ever spotted a perfect trade setup for which you had huge conviction, tried to quickly get in, and yet STILL missed the trade? There's nothing worse than spotting a great trade, having strong confidence in it, and yet finding yourself sitting on the sidelines, incredibly frustrated, as you see all the profits you could have made just piling up but without...

Oct 19 2022

#1 Mistake Traders Make Before Leaving a Trading Session

There is a mistake I repeatedly catch on Trading Twitter and even to a lesser degree on our proprietary trading desk. From my seat, this is the #1 mistake traders make before leaving a trading session. Let me share this #1 mistake. And then challenge the trading community for all of us to be better…together. I was scrolling through Trading Twitter recently when...