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Mar 25 2023

2 Tech Stocks For The Long-Term

High-growth tech stocks have had to bear the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes since last year. Amid concerns of a recession, most tech stocks have suffered a correction in their share prices due to fears of softening demand. However, with continued digital transformation and the growing interest in AI, the tech industry […]

Mar 24 2023

ETFs For Rising Consumer Debt

According to The New York Federal Reserve, consumer debt is at record highs. At the end of 2022, U.S. consumer debt across all categories totaled $16.9 trillion. That was an increase of $1.3 trillion from one year ago. What's more alarming is that in 2019, the total U.S. consumer debt was $14.14 trillion. So, while […]

Mar 23 2023

2 Small-Caps For Your Watchlist

It’s been a choppy start to the year for the major market averages and while many large-caps have begun new uptrends, several small-cap names remain stuck in the mud, unable to gain much upside traction. In some examples, this underperformance is justified with many businesses not being worth owning and or having weak balance sheets. […]

Mar 22 2023

The Port We Need In This Market Storm

Editor’s Note: Our experts here at cover a lot of investing topics and great stocks every week. To help you make sense of it all, every Wednesday we’re going to pick one of those stocks and use Magnifi Personal to compare it with its peers or competitors. Here we go… When markets turn as […]

Mar 21 2023

Was The Collapse of SVB a Black Swan?

According to some doomsayers, the stock market is on the brink of a crash, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is being considered as a potential "Black Swan" event. They believe it could trigger a domino effect similar to the Lehman Brothers collapse in 2008. There are already indications of this, as the […]

Mar 20 2023

ETFs To Play The Banking Situation

With the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, everyone is looking at the banking industry. Some think it has more room to fall, while others believe now is the best buying opportunity we have seen in a decade. At this time, I believe it is too hard to pick which direction banks or the market overall […]

Mar 18 2023

What to Do When Interest Rates Rise

Last year, when the Federal Reserve realized that the inflation, which was earlier thought to be “transitory,” might be feeding on itself and soon spiral out of control, it acted swiftly to respond with an aggressive interest rate hike cycle, one of the quickest on record. As a result, we have gone from living in […]

Mar 17 2023

2 Gold Miners With Long-Term Potential

While the major market averages have taken a beating over the last week, gold (GLD) has been one of the few asset classes to stage a sharp rally, with the metal up 2.5% for the week and over 5% since Thursday’s close. The outperformance can be partially attributed to the belief that the Federal Reserve […]

Mar 16 2023

What Will The Fed Do In March?

The Federal Open Market Committee meets next week, at which time it is expected to raise its benchmark interest rate another 50 basis points, to a range of 4.75% to 5.00%, if we correctly interpret Fed Chair Jerome Powell’s testimony to Congress last week, when he said “the ultimate level of interest rates is likely […]

Mar 15 2023

How to Steer Clear of the Silicon Valley Bank Meltdown

Editor’s Note: Our experts here at cover a lot of investing topics and great stocks every week. To help you make sense of it all, every Wednesday we’re going to pick one of those stocks and use Magnifi Personal to compare it with its peers or competitors. Here we go… Bank stocks have dropped […]

Mar 14 2023

"50 Cent" Profits From 3-Letter Acronyms

In February 2023, the US economy produced 311,000 jobs, surpassing market expectations of 205,000, and revised down from 504,000 in January. This indicates a labor market that remains tight, with an average of 343,000 jobs added per month over the previous six months. This is another upbeat NFP report following last month's even stronger data. […]

Mar 13 2023

What Is ESG Investing?

Business malpractices are pretty hard to be swept under the rug any longer. Moreover, pursuing positive changes has gripped the world recently as the world increasingly faces environmental and sustainability concerns. Recently, ESG investments were pushed into the limelight after the Senate voted to overturn a Labor Department rule that permits fiduciary retirement fund managers […]

Mar 10 2023

Trade With Jim Cramer With New ETF

Anyone who regularly watches or has only seen Jim Cramer’s TV show “Mad Money” even just once notices that the former fund manager, now a TV personality, makes a ton of stock recommendations while on air. So many that it is hard to keep up with what companies he likes and which ones he would […]

Mar 09 2023

Silver Lining For These Two Stocks

While the price of gold (GLD) has been pummeled over the past month, it’s the silver price (SLV) that has taken the real beating. This is evidenced by the industrial metal finding itself more than 18% off its recent highs, more than double the ~7% correction of gold in the same period. The violent decline […]

Mar 08 2023

Semiconductors Are Heating Up - Here's The Best One

Editor’s Note: Our experts here at cover a lot of investing topics and great stocks every week. To help you make sense of it all, every Wednesday we’re going to pick one of those stocks and use Magnifi Personal to compare it with its peers or competitors. Here we go… The never-ending demand for […]

Mar 07 2023

Best Growth Stock? One To Watch Now

Twilio Inc. (TWLO) enables developers to build, scale, and operate real-time communications within software applications through a cloud communication platform and a customer engagement platform. The company operates both in the United States and internationally. Over the past three years, TWLO’s revenues have increased at a 50% CAGR. Its total assets increased at a 34.6% […]

Mar 06 2023

Gold Update: Is Half Enough?

Since my last major update in November, the gold futures price has increased by almost 12%. At that time, most readers had chosen the bullish target of $2,089, where the price would retest the all-time high. The gold futures chart is due for an update as it has reached a significant point in the current […]

Mar 05 2023

1 No-Brainer Gaming Stock For 2023

After witnessing unprecedented growth during the pandemic, videogame publishers are witnessing a reversion to the mean with a reversal to pre- pandemic lifestyles amid macroeconomic uncertainties driven by inflation and increased borrowing costs due to interest-rate hikes. However, despite the softened demand in the broader industry, incumbents, like Activision Blizzard, Inc (ATVI), have cornered pockets of […]

Mar 04 2023

Watch The Inflation Numbers

During the first few trading days of March 2023, we watched the stock market falter, housing demand cool, the 10 Year Treasury Bond rises to a 4% yield, and the 30-year fixed mortgage increase above 7%. This all came after several hotter-than-expected inflation reports hit investor confidence. The Federal Reserve has also cut back on […]

Mar 03 2023

2 High-Dividend Stocks and How to Trade Them

Dividend investing has always been a great strategy to ensure a steady income generation irrespective of a stock's price movement. Dividend-paying companies are mostly stable, profit-earning companies and these stocks are especially popular among those in or nearing retirement. Of course, who doesn’t like having a little extra cash on hand? In fact, owning dividend […]

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